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I play mostly acoustic guitar based music, both covers and originals. I am not very high tech when I create my own music, I like the simplified sounds that the guitar and vocals can represent. Sometimes I mix in other instruments violins, cello, etc. to create a slightly fuller sound, but I like the basic sounds you hear in my music.

I started playing music later in my life than most. Only starting to learn the guitar at age 19. I learned from a Mel Bay chord book (shout out to Mel) that my father had in his old guitar bag. And from watching videos on YouTube. I was not able to sing and play at the same time until 8 years later (with the strange exception of two songs: Glycerine by Bush and Nothingman by Pearl Jam). Finally something clicked and I was able to start to expand my repertoire.


I created this site to share some of my music and see if anyone else gets some enjoyment out of it. Please have a listen to my music on the My Songs tab.







I try not to write in a particular fashion. I don't necessarily write in a typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge/solo-chorus format. Sometimes I write with no lyrics in the chorus (Your Story) other times I write no chorus at all (When I Run). Other times I write half songs that I combine together (To The Rescue) similar to Creed's What's This Life For.


Sometimes I write a song that may sound sad musically like with Will You Go Far, but the lyrics are actually positive. This reverse sound/lyrics is somewhat similar to a Third Eye Blind song Semi Charmed Life which sounds upbeat, but in that case has really dark lyrics. 


I typically write in two ways; sometimes I write the music first and add lyrics later. Other times I have lyrics in my head (or even the music in my head) and I have to try and relate it to the fret boards.


But even if I don't follow any set format, I always have the same idea in mind. No matter what, my goal when I write is to complete a thought. Whether that thought is completed lyrically or musically can be up in the air, but the goal remains the same.


I have never had a lesson (guitar or singing) and feel free to say that it shows. I don't do anything with the guitar that is super innovative or difficult to duplicate. However, I like to play with different chord combinations, palm muting and creating almost percussive sounds from the guitar. I am a big sucker for crescendo and loud-soft dynamics. I also like to try at times to play rhythm guitar lines with my forefinger and middle finger while playing lead with my ring or pinky fingers.


A lot of my favorite groups are harder than the music I play including Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, Chevelle, Weezer, Yellowcard, Switchfoot, Manchester Orchestra, Finch, Needtobreathe, Third Eye Blind, Three Days Grace, Alter Bridge, Dashboard Confessional, Bush, Staind, and Pearl Jam among many others. You may hear a little of those influences in my music or not. I also enjoy many bands from the late 90s you may have never heard of including Crumb, 8stops7, For Squirrels, Splender, Mighty Joe Plum and Seven Mary Three.


And conversely, even though I don't come close to incorporating it in my music, I do like some electronic music from Skrillex and Twenty One Pilots among others.


My favorite guitarists are Mark Tremonti and Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo went to one of my rival high schools here in Connecticut albeit a decade earlier.


While I certainly appreciate the tremendous talent of Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Andy McKee, Kaki King and even Esteban, to me Tremonti and Cuomo are my favorites because they are able to play challenging and difficult things but combine it with choruses and chord progressions that are pleasing to my ear.


The "band' started way back in my bedroom somewhere, sometime a long time ago. Mostly because I don't have many friends or time to consistently play in a band it made my decision easy. There was no arguing over band names, no arguing over musical direction, and organizing band practice is really easy.  Practice starts when I feel like playing and ends when I don't anymore.


I created a 'pseudo band' name like some solo artists have now because I really don't care about being known. Either the music stands on its own or it doesn't. Plus a band name sounds cooler than my name anyways trust me on that.


The band name I chose has two meanings. The first and main meaning is, I am a big believer in this sentiment: As long as you are alive and breathing your life is an unfinished story.


A second meaning is what I stated above, each song I try to complete a thought. Whether that thought is completed lyrically or musically I want the song to tell a story. Unfortunately I have a lot of incomplete songs that I have started but haven't been able to finish. They are my unfinished stories.


If you care, I typically play a Taylor Dreadnought DN3. I tried many different guitars and found the deep sounds of this guitar fit best with the lower parts of my voice. Unfortunately they don't make this guitar anymore, of course. 


And I love Elixir acoustic strings. I can't praise them enough for the sound they create. Even though I think all of the various Elixir strings are great, I typically use the Nanoweb Mediums. If anyone from Elixir is reading and wants to give me a bunch of free strings I thank you in advance. 


Even though I don't play electric guitar often and don't have an electric guitar that is my favorite, I am a big fan of the D'Addario XL guitar strings. For whatever that is worth.

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